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… to a church without borders!


As imposed by the Belgian National Security Council concerning the recent  corona virus developments, ICEL has cancelled all church services and other activities until 5 April 2020 . 

This implies that there will be no physical Sunday services on 15, 22 and 29 March 2020.

On 29 March at 10.00 we will have our second online ICEL Sunday service and an interactive prayer time. The service will take about an hour.
Don’t miss the service: mind that summer time starts on Sunday 29 March 2020! 2 AM becomes 3 AM.
Click the zoom link to enter (but it is most stable if you install the zoom program first)
See you on Sunday! 

All physical gatherings (fellowship groups, prayer meetings …) are prohibited until earliest 5 April 2020. Some will be replaced by online meetings.

Do feel free however to contact ICEL for pastoral care and please continue to communicate your prayer requests.

The Thursday prayer meeting will be replaced by an online meeting.   Keep also an eye on the facebook page.



We are an international Christian fellowship with over 20 nationalities represented on typical  Sundays (including our Belgian locals of course),  a mixture of young and old, students and families and many children!
We want to be a ‘home away from home’ for those who have come to study in Leuven or for families who are here for various reasons.  Through the more than 3 decades that ICEL has existed hundreds have come and gone and the link is still strong with many.  This makes us, what we want to be, a warm fellowship where Christ is central and His love is to be experienced by all.
And finally we want to be a grass-roots church, where everyone counts and everyone can contribute.

And once the lock-down is over, you are most welcome again to worship and have fellowship with us on Sundays at 10 am !
Our church is located in Terbank, at Tervuursesteenweg 92, 3001 Heverlee.

Join us on Sunday mornings from 10 till 11:30 am

… in the Church located at Tervuursesteenweg 92, 3001 Heverlee (Terbank).
Children have their own programmes suitable for each age (in Dutch), from babies and toddlers up to teenagers.

Speakers in March

1 March 2020: Eric Casteel
8 March 2020: David Van Acker
15 March 2020: Joseph Dimitrov [SUNDAY SERVICE CANCELLED]
22 March 2020: Pieter Boersema [Replaced by an online service:
https://zoom.us/j/997534292 ]
29 March 2020: Jelle Creemers [SUNDAY SERVICE CANCELLED]

Weekly activities

Besides the Sunday worship service and children’s programmes, we have a number of groups meeting during the week to which you are warmly invited. Most of them take place at ‘ICEL Connect’, our venue located at Naamsestraat 106 in Leuven.

All activities have been cancelled until (earliest) April 5th.

TuesdayWomen’s Prayer Meeting
7.00 pm
ThursdayPrayer Meeting7.30 pmSuspended
FridayChinese Fellowship7.30 pm
SundayKorean Fellowship1.00 pm
ICEL Connect, Naamsestraat 106, Leuven

African Fellowship

An African fellowship meets monthly (in English) on a Saturday morning.  And you don’t need to be African to enjoy the fellowship!
Feel free to join in from 10 till 12 in the morning.
Venue: ICEL Connect, Naamsestraat 106, Leuven.
Next meeting: The meeting of Saturday March 28th 2020 has been cancelled.

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If you’d like to see more and stay in touch with various events, get connected here.

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