Past Sunday Messages – Archive 2011


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     Archived Sunday messages – 2011



Date Title of the Message Speaker Download Messages
25/12/2011  Good News Phil Gottschalk mp3;ppt.
18/12/2011 Joy of the Redeemed Pieter Boersma mp3;ppt.
11/12/2011 Darkness Brian Gentle mp3;ppt
04/12/2011 Advent:The christmas present of presence Ron Michener mp3;ppt.
27/11/2011 Be Expecting ! Benoit mp3; ppt.
20/11/2011 Habits of the Heart  Kees Rosies mp3; ppt.
13/11/2011 Elijah’s Crisis David Sies  ppt.
06/11/2011 How to be a Healthy Christian George Winston mp3; ppt.
30/10/2011 The Parable of the Shrewd Manager Bruce Hansen mp3; ppt.
23/10/2011 A future worth living for Joop Strietman mp3; ppt.
16/10/2011 Looking for Paradise Pieter Boersema mp3; ppt.
09/10/2011 Seven good reasons to Pray George Winston mp3; ppt.
02/10/2011 Patience ! Andy Sexton mp3; ppt.
25/09/2011 Home is where you are wanted and waited for Ron Michener mp3; ppt.
18/09/2011 Towards a corporate identity Patrick Nullens mp3;ppt
11/09/2011 5 parallels with Genesis 1 Jim Slagle ppt.
04/09/2011 Look full in Jesus’ wonderful Face Dora Winston mp3; ppt.
28/08/2011 Our Story part of God´s story Ted van den Ende mp3;ppt
21/08/2011 Give to the needy, pray for the Greedy Kees Rosies mp3;ppt
14/08/2011 Transforming lives and communities Andrew Burton mp3;ppt
07/08/2011 The Lord´s Supper Kees  Rosies mp3;ppt
31/07/2011 A Personal Message  Gie Vleugels mp3;ppt
24/07/2011 ‘The temple of our heart’ can by far be the greatest reality of our life! 

Kees Rosies mp3; ppt.
17/07/2011 The Power of God Seth Sakyi Gyinae mp3; ppt.
10/07/2011 The Prayer Truus mp3; ppt.
03/07/2011 The Full Life George Winston mp3; ppt.
26/06/2011 The Truth we may learn from this prayer Ishak Ghattas  ppt.
19/06/2011 Looking Back With Gratitude, Looking Ahead With Confidence Boris Paschke mp3; ppt.
12/06/2011 Living Between Why and Now Phil Davis mp3; ppt.
05/06/2011 From Nehemiah’s Notebook: The Great Return.  Kees Rosies mp3; ppt.
29/05/2011 The signs of the times George Winston mp3; ppt.
22/05/2011 Why do we read the Bible? Kees Rosies mp3; ppt.

The Gospel

in a nutshell?!

Pieter Boersema mp3; ppt.

I have goodnews

for you……..

Benoit Lemestrez mp3; ppt.

The Significance of Jesus’


Seth Sakyi Gyinae mp3;ppt.
24/04/2011 Dressed up for Easter! Kees Rosies mp3; ppt.

Jesus comes to


Gie Vleugels mp3; ppt.
10/04/2011 A Reluctant Deliverer Phil Davis mp3; ppt.

God seeks and saves

that which was lost

George Winston mp3; ppt.

Do you know that

you know Jesus?

Seth Sakyi Gyinae mp3; ppt.

The scene of ones

life depends on choices

Dora Winston mp3;ppt.
13/03/2011 Help, I’m doubting… Patrick Nullens mp3; ppt.

Discovery final mission

24 february 2011!

Martin Webber mp3; ppt.
27/02.2011 Serving as Jesus did Kees Rosies mp3; ppt.
20/02/2011 A Big Failure Phil Davis mp3; ppt.
13/02/2011 When God Speaks Gie Vleugels mp3; ppt.
06/02/2011 We don’t know yet.. Kees Rosies mp3; ppt.
30/01/2011 Take Heart Tina Henriot mp3; ppt.
23/01/2011 Life that Counts George Winston mp3; ppt.

God’s Dialectic in dealing

with His Children

Joseph Dimitrov mp3; ppt.
09/01/2011 Sunrise Dora Winston mp3; ppt.
02/01/2011  Thanking God Seth Sakyi Gyinae mp3; ppt.