28 July 2018



We would like to invite you to a picnic at Domein ter Heide, a beautiful park with a lake on August 15th (public holiday). It will be an opportunity to have a great fellowship together while enjoying the nice food and hopefully a pleasant weather on a bright sunny summer day 🙂 .



De Plas van Rotselaar, located in the Domein ter Heide



August 15th 2018, starting at 10 a.m.



Basic information in English:


Opening hours of the lake park: 10 a.m – 8.00 p.m.

Entrance fee if you come by car or public transportation: 5 EURO

Entrance fee if on bike or in a group of 10 or more: 2.50 EURO. Children under 1.10m can enter for free.




August 15 is a public holiday so the lake will be crowded. We should try to start at 10 a.m. (at least with a core group) to set up the table for food and claim a space on the grass field under the trees (where there is some shade). If it’s convenient for you to be there at 10, it’ll be perfect.


What to bring for the picnic?

Please bring along some picnic food and drinks to share with others, pot-luck style. We plan to put all the food together on a food table. Also bring chairs or mats to sit on. It’ll be possible to swim in the lake if you wish. So bring towels and swimming gear. You can also bring balls, water games, badminton, frisbees and other games. There are showers and toilet facilities in the park.




How to get there:


By car:

the entrance to Plas van Rotselaar swimming area is via Vakenstraat 18. If you plan to go by car and have extra space, please let us know by contacting


By Bus:

A group will be going by Lijnbus #335 (Leuven-Aarschot). They will meet at Leuven bus station at 9:30 a.m. The bus leaves at 9.58 and will reach bus stop De Toren in Rotselaar at 10.19. After getting off the bus there is still some distance to walk (900m) before you reach the beach area of the lake. There is only one bus going every 2 hours. Information on the stops which Lijnbus #335 makes can be found at this link, or in English.


If we are not able to arrange for someone to meet you at the bus stop, you can walk to the lake from the bus stop. To walk to lake from Rotselaar, see under this link.


By Bike:

It will also be possible to go with a group going by bike. Meet at the Leuven Central bus station at 9:30 a.m. or contact Lies van Urk at


Don’t miss out on this great event. If you want to help or have questions about food, contact Ina De Craene at


More Info about the town, Rotselaar, history, and the area sights can be found on wikipedia.


You can contact us with your questions, comments and suggestions by writing to Food and Fellowship group ICEL via