During the week

During the week

Most of our weekly activities take place in  “The Living Room” Naamsestraat 55.

We are very happy to have this place, so well located in the centre of town. We rent it, (ICEL owns no property) and above The Living Room, we have a nice apartment where Min and Shrijana Gurung and their 2 children live.


Look @ the different days, to see what goes on when.




New activities are planned!




Quilting class

Where: TLR

When:  2:00 – 4:00 pm


Women’s Prayer


For several years now, a group of women meet especially to intercede for others of whom they know they have special needs. In the church at Sundays, you will find  the “Red Box” at the table in the back with paper and pen, where everyone who wants to be prayed for can put his requests. There is no need to put your name. You may of course. One of the joys of this prayer group is, that they have seen quite some answers to their prayers.

Where: TLR

When:  7:30 pm



Ichtus : Christian students students movement  

 One of the most prominent Christian student activities in Flanders is known as Ichtus. Icel has always been very close to the Flemish Christian student work.  We are very happy to be able to “host” the Ichtus students in The Living Room. Ichtus and Breeze (Sunday night) work closely together, having each their specific objectives and outreach.

To know more about Ichtus, visit their website.


Where: TLR

When<info needed>




Every evening is important. But we want to highlight the Thursday prayer meeting especially. Since the beginning of ICEL we have had a prayer meeting on the Thursday evening. Numerous prayers and pleadings have been expressed at that very intimate time. It is as if the heart and secret of ICEL is closely linked with these two hours.

The internationality of ICEL also makes us travel in prayer to all corners of the world as those who are there often come from many different countries.

Join us! You are most welcome!

Where: TLR

When8-10 pm



Chinese Fellowship


We welcome Chinese students in Leuven to come to our Chinese Fellowship activities.  We are a group of young people, believers and non-believers. This is an opportunity for Chinese students to learn about Christianity, about a Creator God, the Bible, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

You may come with your questions and we’ll try to search together for answers.  We can also pray for you and your needs, being far away from your home country. 

Where: TLR

When7:30 p.m.



Relaxing @ Saturdays!

A whole lot of meetings take place. Friends come together. We organise all kinds of special e vents during Saturdays, including a International Friends night. As this changes much every Saturday, keep visiting the web site to see what goes on!



Want to hang out? Every Sunday night  there is a  Flemish young adults group meeting at the Living Room.  They first pray between 8 and 9, and then have a  great time together of fellowship. All are very welcome! You need not to know Dutch, most of them know English! Good to rub shoulders with them and learn some of their language and culture…“habits” …


To know more about Breeze, visit their website.


Where: TLR

When8:00 p.m.