Sunday Worship Songs

We are using, though not exclusively, the Songs of Fellowship (SoF) series from Kingsway music as main music source for our worship services.  For convenience, you can find both the youtube links as well as the SoF reference of our recent Sunday service worship services herebelow.

Enjoy and be blessed!    

Sunday September 9th 2018

Hallelujah (not in SoF)

Way maker (not in SoF)

“I’ve got my mind made up (not in SoF)

I give myself away (not in SoF)

How great Thou art (SoF 425)

Pass me not, gentle Saviour (not in SoF)

Every praise (not in SoF)

Sunday September 2nd 2018

How great Thou art (SoF 425)

Boldly I approach (SoF 2746)

Jubilate, everybody (SoF 315)

Our Father everlasting (The Creed) (SoF 3015)

Here I am (SoF 1827)

From heaven you came (SoF 120)

There’s a place where the streets shine (SoF 1041)

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